At Muya Ethiopia, we take pride in the fact that we are a socially responsible firm. We believe that giving back to our community and sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience, is a very sustainable way of building a healthy and economically sound future. Below are a few of amongst the many ways we use to extend a hand to our society:

  • We pay substantially high wages to our employees, and contribute towards putting their children to a better school.
  • We offer subsidise meals to our employees so they can save their money and use it to provide for their families needs.
  • We also provide training to woman prisoners in a rehabilitation programme so that they can develop the skills and change their lives to the better.

The above described contributions are some of the many ways in which we give back to the society which has given us so much in the form of diverse culture and exquisite designs, which Muya Ethiopia is proud to share with you.

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Muya Ethiopia P.L.C
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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
T: +251-11-123 40 15
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Rotanda Building
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