“Muya Ethiopia is one of the few enterprises on the continent that combines high product quality with outstanding designs. Sara incorporates the old weaving traditions of Ethiopia but every year you find an astounding range of new interpretations perfectly matching the expectations of our clients. Trendy in terms of colour ranges classic in terms of quality. But for us the most striking is the way employees are treated by the owners. Go and see it yourself!” Lore Sander, Managing Director, HABARI, Vienna, Austria.

“Sara and I met in the beginning of my stay in Ethiopia through my textile research at the Institute of Ethiopian Studies at Addis Ababa University. She’s a pioneer in traditional textile design and was introduced to me through a consultant working for UNIDO,” explains Arnold Haas from a booth where he’s displaying his Wubet range of handbags during Première Classe, the leading accessories trade show at Paris fashion week. “I’m exclusively using textiles from Muya. The most important part of my design is to reinvent the European savoir-faire in using Ethiopian textiles and to modernise them for high-end fashion boutiques.” Arnold Haas, Head Designer, Wubet Handbags, Vienna, Austria.

“I was immediately impressed by the concept of taking the local craft weavers and helping them to work in improved conditions and enabling them to find a higher value market for their products. Also, Sara’s dedication was obvious.” Jim Tew, Textile Specialist and UNIDO Fair Trade Assessor, London, United Kingdom.

“I work in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya and Muya’s atelier is among the nicest I’ve seen. I don’t think Africa can be the low-cost producer in many categories so Muya is smart to focus on high quality and slightly higher prices.” Liz Wald, Importer, Economic Development Imports, New York, USA.

Muya Ethiopia P.L.C
P.O.Box 613,
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
T: +251-11-123 40 15
F: +251-11-123 40 16

Rotanda Building
T: +251-11-544 43 50 Ext:34350
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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